The New You – Meet Carly-Jane Figgis

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Coming to Qatar and making a career for yourself is not always easy and definitely not straight forward.In this book, we’re exploring the stories of inspiring women in Qatar who bravely created a new career of their own. We’ll hear from founders, writers, mothers, artists, designers, and more how they paved their way to their new me. Their stories will inspire other women and girls in Qatar that there are many different ways to create a successful career in Doha, either as an employee or entrepreneur. #thenewyou

In this episode meet Carly-Jane Figgis – going from employee to entrepreneur! Carly is the owner of and Managing Director at BBR Design, an interior design and fit out company in Doha.

Tell us, what did you do before the new you?

Before coming to Qatar I accumulated experience in several business development roles for a varied number of sectors of activities (advertising, e-commerce, call centre campaigns, real estate…) in the UK and Morocco.

When moving to Qatar, what were your career expectations?

When I came from Morocco to Qatar, I was still expecting to be an employee of a company doing business development in whichever sector of activity I would get a job opportunity. I would never have thought I would start out on my own, being my own boss, in charge of everything without having to report to anyone but myself.

What triggered you to create the new you? 

The triggers were actually the people around me at the time:

– Where some of my directors thought micromanagement would help better deliver objectives, I interpreted it as a lack of trust in my competence and skills.

–  I was actually performing at my best when managers were trusting their direct reports allowing them to make their own decisions and strategies in order to feel more accountable for their actions and choices.

– Two men (my husband and my future business associate) held me in high esteem and believed in me as a potential entrepreneur which boosted my ego so much that I felt I could make the step of becoming an independent business owner in Qatar.

Which skills from your previous career come in handy now?

Definitely the networking skills have helped me a lot in developing my new business along with my capacity to adapt to different work environments following my past geographic moves.

What is your advice to other women to create their own new me? 

Trust yourself. Believe in you.
Speak up and always make sure you are not only heard but also listened to. Be proud: Always voice out your achievements. Sing your own praises, do not expect others to do this for you.” #thenewyou

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