The New You – Meet Marie-Josée Bédard

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Coming to Qatar and making a career for yourself is not always easy and definitely not straight forward.In this book, we’re exploring the stories of inspiring women in Qatar who bravely created a new career of their own. We’ll hear from founders, writers, mothers, artists, designers, and more how they paved their way to their new me. Their stories will inspire other women and girls in Qatar that there are many different ways to create a successful career in Doha, either as an employee or entrepreneur. #thenewyou

In this episode Marie Josée Bédard – an amazingly talented Canadian photographer and entrepreneur buzzing with ideas. MJ has been reinventing herself throughout her creative career. Read here her inspiring story!

Tell us, what did you do before the new you?

What did I do, who was I? I was a young woman with many creative ideas. After obtaining a diploma in photography in Montreal, I went on to work in various visual fields. I started by working in a commercial photo lab, then as a photo-editor for a well-established magazine and thereafter went on to manage a studio for a renowned photographer. All very diverse but creative roles!

When moving to Qatar, what were your career expectations?

I moved to Qatar in 2004 where I first explored the country and culture. I also had the chance to travel for a few years before having kids who kept me busy in their early years. I wasn’t focused yet on furthering my career.

What triggered you to create the new you? 

When the kids started school I had more time for myself and felt the need to be creative again and express myself. It was the perfect time to become the freelance photographer I originally wanted to be. And that’s what I did, I realised my dream.

Which skills from your first career come in handy now? 

Definitely the technical skills from the commercial photo lab paired with the creative vision acquired from the magazine, as well as the organizational knowledge and client relations from the studio gave me a very strong foundation and confidence needed to thrive on my own. Qatar, with it’s expansive growth has been a really great place for me to develop my photography. In this field people are open and places very accessible.

What is your advice to other women to create their own new me? 

Find your inner wish and passion, and take the steps you need to get there. Go for it!

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