The New You – Meet Anne Makau

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Coming to Qatar and making a career for yourself is not always easy and definitely not straight forward.In this book, we’re exploring the stories of inspiring women in Qatar who bravely created a new career of their own. We’ll hear from founders, writers, mothers, artists, designers, and more how they paved their way to their new me. Their stories will inspire other women and girls in Qatar that there are many different ways to create a successful career in Doha, either as an employee or entrepreneur. #thenewyou

In this episode meet Anne Makau – who went from a very successful banking career to taking a step back to reassess her goals in life to an exciting career in sustainability.

Tell us, what did you do before the new you?

I’ve had a long career spanning over 13 years in banking involving risk and strategic management and leadership. While my banking years were impactful, I realized that I wanted to contribute to a cause that was bigger than myself. After many years of a successful banking career, I stepped back to reassess my goals in life. This decision led me to leave Kenya for Qatar in 2016 and focus on my family.
When moving to Qatar, what were your career expectations?

While trying to balance life and work, I knew in my heart that I wanted to do something meaningful upon returning to the corporate world. I had begun to learn more about climate change and how we were putting our planet at risk instead of recognizing our connection to the natural world.

Together we need to resolve our mindset of the unlimited extraction that leads to pollution, degradation of our food and water systems, extinction of species. I decided to enroll at Harvard Extension School in 2019 and I became a student once again. Enrolling at Harvard was a deliberate decision and the start of an adventure! Throughout the master’s program, I met fascinating people from around the world who enriched my experience. I sacrificed much sleep due to an 8-hour time difference. Classes were always early morning and taking care of my family required their understanding.

Now today, I consult at a leading transportation company where I oversee the design and implementation of a risk management strategy and framework across the organization. I play a key role in identifying and assessing all business risks, including climate risk, to drive long-term business value and sustainable impact. And this May I’ll graduate with a Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability!

What skills from your first career come in handy now? 

I rely lots on my knowledge of risk management and leadership skills to navigate my new role. Being an experienced leader and motivator has helped me settle in quickly.
What is your advice to other women to create their own new me? 
Always be true to yourself and recognize where you are at, and accept and live fully in that moment. I have realized that successfully transitioning to a new me is not just changing jobs or moving countries; it’s having a change of heart, a change in the way I view the world, and how I re-order my life. #thenewyou #careerwomen
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