The New You – Meet Ann Jangsell Williams

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Coming to Qatar and making a career for yourself is not always easy and definitely not straight forward.In this book, we’re exploring the stories of inspiring women in Qatar who bravely created a new career of their own. We’ll hear from founders, writers, mothers, artists, designers, and more how they paved their way to their new me. Their stories will inspire other women and girls in Qatar that there are many different ways to create a successful career in Doha, either as an employee or entrepreneur. #thenewyou

Meet our first guest Ann Jangsell Williams, a true trooper in reinventing herself!

Tell us, what did you do before the new you?

Before coming to Qatar from Sweden, my career was 20+ years in Sales, Marketing & Business Development. Before I left I was the Director of Sales in an event & media house. I delivered high end events and conferences for Swedish Government’s stakeholders.

When moving to Qatar, what were your career expectations?

When coming to Qatar I had no expectations working in the same field. I came here to join my husband and I was open to any opportunity. The first job I got was for three months with the British Chamber of Commerce, which I more or less nagged myself into. It opened new doors and I get to know many people. I was asked by the Swedish Embassy to be part of the interim board to start the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. There I met my new boss who offered me a job as the Director of Business Development in his film production company. Then I was elected to be the President of the Swedish Association of Qatar and soon after that I founded networking group Happy People that grew to 200 members today. The pandemic stopped the world and my job, but I was lucky to get another job soon as the Director of Business Development. In 2021 I got an opportunity to join the Supreme Committee. I now work in the Government Relations Team and I love it!

What triggered you to create the new you? 

Being in Qatar I dared to jump out into the unknown. I’ve grown as a person and professionally. Fact is that the pandemic brought me elsewhere in my career.

What is your advice to other women to create their own new me? 

My advice is to not be afraid of change, and if we let go of our egos and pride we can create a whole new life. If we face a bumpy road, it’s because we’re on the way, we don’t see the full picture yet, where we supposed to be, it will always work out. I dared to resign from a well-paid job in Sweden to move to a new country, without knowing anyone really except my husband, and look at me now! Living the best life of my dreams, having a wonderful job, with amazing colleagues, working with the biggest event on the planet and spending every day with my husband. I’m so blessed to live in Qatar.

Dare to change, don’t be driven by fear, life is short, dare to live it and ask yourself the question, what is the worst that can happen? #thenewyou

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